Episode 11: The 90s Called

Lack of Genius
Lack of Genius
Episode 11: The 90s Called

The hosts decided to go back in time a little this week and talk about movies from their childhood. Kevin does Adam Sandler movies and Jon does Ninja Turtles. As always we hope you enjoy it and if you do, share it with others. If you feel inclined head on over to patreon.com/lackofgenius and become a patron.


  • Simon Lambert says:

    Ahem…..your podcast Ep.11 has come to the attention of a British logger and he feels an overwhelming need to respond to a couple of things that you mentioned – items that go with the ubiquitous cup of tea….for the sake of accuracy, and the unwavering continuation of Britishness.
    Scones (pronounced as in ‘blown’ or ‘gone’) are a teatime treat – enjoyed with butter or clotted cream, plus jam – strawberry or raspberry.
    Fun fact : these are ‘fast cakes’ ‘cos they get eaten quickly, as in (it)s’gone…
    Crumpets are also a teatime treat (never breakfast or dessert…), served warm with butter and any jam of preference. They do vaguely resemble an ‘english’ muffin when cut open, but taste very different.
    Fun fact: crumpet is slang for a person who is sexually attractive – ‘he’s looking for a bit of crumpet’.
    The Timelords have been made aware of your most excellent contribution to humanity with your podcast and, if you keep up the good work you should stay out of the Tower of London.

    • Kevin & Jon says:

      Simon, you have enlightened us and we are better people for it. You’ll be our official “Real British Person” for whenever the need arises! Thanks for the info; thanks for listening; and thanks for your kind words! The British approval means the world! -Kevin and Jon

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