Episode 7


You passed! You must be a Dungeon Master!

You failed. That’s ok, you can still play D&D. 🙂

#1. Who created Dungeons & Dragons?

#2. What year was Dungeons & Dragons created?

#3. True or False: There are 5 Editions of D&D?

#4. In the 80s/90s there was public outrage against D&D, what did the media dub that outrage?

#5. True or False: The point of Dungeons and Dragons is to win?

#6. There are a bunch of different dice a player can use in D&D but which die will a player roll the most?

#7. What player at the table is “in charge” of the game?

#8. True or False: Anyone be a Dungeon Master.

#9. How many different classes can you play in D&D?

#10. If you heard this episode and it got you wanting to roll some dice, what Character would you want to play and why?