As you Loggers may recall, Jon and Kevin started a project chronicling Jon’s journey with diabetes after receiving a diagnosis this Spring. We only did one episode in video form. Well, we’re back! In video AND podcast form. We’ll be sharing our updates here, interspersed with the regular Lack of Genius episodes you know and DIABETES PROJECT – Ep. 2

Ep. 58 Beep Baseball with guest Jason Esterhuizen

Baseball for the blind?? That’s Beep Baseball and Jon & Kevin welcome Jason Esterhuizen to tell us all about this fantastic sport. Jason shares his incredible story with us along with his excitement for this growing sport. Thanks for any and all support at patreon.com/lackofgenius.


Jon and Kevin have an announcement to make (no, the podcast is not ending) and decided to create a non-episode episode titled “Episode??” to let you know. Thanks so much for your continued support!

Ep. 56 – One Hit Wonders

We never did figure out who let the dogs out did we? Any idea what LFO stands for? Didn’t think so. Time to find out as Kevin quizzes Jon and all things one hit wonders. Thanks for any and all support at patreon.com/lackofgenius.

Ep. 55 – Summer Camps

Jon and Kevin dive into their home summer camps, Camp Mack in Indiana and Camp La Verne in Southern California. PLUS we have a very special Tidy Up with a former guest of the show.  As always, we appreciate any and all support at patreon.com/lackofgenius.

Revisiting the 4th of July

Do you remember what Jon and Kevin sounded like 53 weeks ago? Well you’re about to! Let’s revisit 4th of July, and The Sandlot! While you’re at it, visit https://www.paradoxopera.org to support our favorite opera singer, Alissa Roca. And thanks for your continued support at patreon.com/lackofgenius.

Ep. 53 – Sailing

Ahoy! Jon’s boat dwelling Aunt Nikki and Uncle Dale, join us from the Pacific Northwest to quiz us on all things sailing. They’ve been such amazing supporters of our podcast from day one and we’re so excited to welcome them onto the show. So get your sea legs on and join us for a good Ep. 53 – Sailing

Ep. 52 – One Year Celebration!

We made it! 52 full week’s of episodes means one full year of lacking genius in the form of a podcast!  Listen as Jon and Kevin quiz each other on the past year of episodes. Find out which country outside of America we’re HUGE in and find out which one of likes to drop it Ep. 52 – One Year Celebration!