Ep. 51-1/2

For the first time in Lack of Genius history, Jon and Kevin were unable to coordinate a proper, full episode. So instead, they coordinated this half episode. Find out where in the world Jon is and listen as we get hyped for out Ep. 52 extravaganza show! Thanks for any support you can provide at Ep. 51-1/2

Ep. 51 – Dodgeball w/ guest Jon Nieva

The guys welcome dodgeball enthusiast Jon Nieva to school them on this schoolyard game. See who dodges the most wrong answers in this epic showdown between Kevin and Jon. And feel free to support us by becoming a patron at patreon.com/lackofgenius. You can also now buy perch at lackofgenius.com/store

Ep. 49 – Memorial Day

Any idea what the original name for Memorial Day was? How about whether Memorial Day mattress sales are actually the real deal? Well you’re about to know both as Jon & Kevin quiz each other about all things Memorial Day. Thanks for listening and if you’d like to support us further, consider becoming a patron Ep. 49 – Memorial Day

Ep. 48 – Mustache Madness

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Kevin’s mustache, Jon and Kevin are doing all things mustachio for Episode 48! Jon quizzes us on mustache facts while Kevin quizzes on HIS mustache specifically. You’re right! We mustache you a question! And we can’t wait to hear how you answer! Thanks for any and all support at Ep. 48 – Mustache Madness

Ep. 47 – Live from Wrigley Field

Live from Wrigley Field?? Well, we were live at the time anyway. Kevin and Jon made the trek to Chicago to watch their respective favorite baseball teams, the Dodgers and the Cubs go head-to-head. Listen as they quiz one another on Wrigley Field and the Cubs organization FROM the bleachers of Wrigley Field. Please pardon Ep. 47 – Live from Wrigley Field

Ep. 46 – Super Mario Bros. w/ Ben Magnet

Let’s-a-go! Ben Magnet returns to quiz Jon and Kevin on all things Mario. What was Mario’s original name supposed to be? When did he first appear? Why is Mario Kart so freakin’ fun?? Ben Magnet has the answer to all of these and more! Feel free to support us at patreon.com/lackofgenius.

Ep. 45 – “Raffi” and “Sharon, Lois, & Bram”

Jon and Kevin relive their childhood as they dive into two of the most influential children’s musicians of the 80s and 90s; Raffi and Sharon, Lois & Bram. If Baby Beluga and Skinnamarink are in your head already, this is the episode for you! If you enjoy the podcast, consider supporting us at patreon.com/lackofgenius. 

Ep. 43 – Easter

Wow! Look what’s in this plastic Easter Egg! It’s the Easter episode of the Lack of Genius Podcast! Can you name all the colors that Peeps come in? How about how the day Easter falls on is determined? You’ll know this and more after listening! Feel free to support us at patreon.com/lackofgenius.