#1. To become a logger in the United States, you must first be certified by the American Logging Association.

#2. There are several roles within a logging crew, one of the higher level jobs is the feller. Before becoming a feller, what job is a most likely entry role for a new logger?

#3. Many logging companies employ a practice of controlling the growth, composition/structure, and quality of forests to meet values and needs, specifically timber production. What is this practice called?

#4. The Lumberjack World Championships event is held in Hayward, WI each year. Which of these is not one of the competitive events?

#5. What is the worldwide estimated value of lumber that exists underwater?

#6. Paul Bunyan is probably the most well-known fictional lumberjack. In versions of his folklore, he is a giant credited for creating some natural features across North America. Which of these is not one said to be created by him?