One Hit Wonders


#1. Which of the following names is NOT mentioned in Lou Bega’s “Mambo #5”?

#2. According to a 2011 Rolling Stones poll of it’s readers, what is the most popular one hit wonder of all time?

#3. The boy band LFO had a one hit wonder in 1999 with Summer Girls. What does LFO stand for?

#4. True or False: An American professional sports team has a one hit wonder?

#5. Which one hit wonder contains these lyrics: “Well the party was nice, the party was pumpin’. And everybody havin’ a ball. I tell the fellas start the name callin’. And everybody havin’ a ball.”

#6. There are three songs all time that are considered one hit wonders that contain the word “Whip” in the title. Which of the following artist is NOT one of the artists with a “Whip” song?

#7. According to Business Insider, what is the top selling one hit wonder of all time?