Table Tennis


#1. At which Summer Games did Table Tennis make it's first Olympic appearance?

#2. True or False: Of the 15 possible medals to win in Table Tennis at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, China won more than half go them.

They won 7. SO CLOSE!

#3. Ma Long of China, the first person in history to win 5 gold medals in Table Tennis, is nicknamed “The Dragon”. Which of the following is his other nickname?

#4. China has dominated Table Tennis in the Olympics winning 60 of the possible 115 medals all time. Only one other country has a double-digit medal count with 18. Which country is it?

#5. Bearing in mind that the average rally is 3-5 shots, what is the longest competitive Table Tennis rally in modern history?

It was over 10 minutes long and it’s mesmerizing! Watch here!